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A Cloud-Based Online Stream Analyzer and Audio Recognizer that empowers artists, promoters, and radio stations alike

What Sets Mradio Apart?


Safeguard your copyrighted creations effortlessly.

For Promoters

Evaluate the efficiency of your radio promotions with precision.

For Radio Stations

Access detailed, accurate reports of your daily broadcast schedules.

/❋key features❋/
24/7 Accessibility

24/7 Accessibility

MRadio operates round the clock, ensuring constant monitoring.

Efficient Handling

Efficient Handling

MRadio effortlessly manages vast quantities of online streams, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

Cloud-Based Convenience

Cloud-Based Convenience

Access your data anytime, anywhere, with seamless cloud integration.

An indispensable tool for copyright enforcement

An indispensable tool for copyright enforcement

MRadio delivers regular national and international airplay charts, providing valuable insights into your content’s reach and impact


MRadio offers tailored, automated reports on radio airplays, safeguarding creative works, and conducting comprehensive radio promotion and marketing analysis.

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