Elevating Radar Precision for Mission-Critical Testing

Master tomorrow’s complex challenges today with proven AI technology

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November 03, 2023
Next-generation military aircraft incorporate advanced antenna arrays like phased array antennas and adaptive beamforming techniques.

Microwave/RF technicians face the challenge of bringing laboratory-level precision and reliability to mission-critical testing in military aircraft. Many testing locations are constrained in space and challenging to access.

MakarenaLabs offers a gateway to a new era of military radar precision using adaptive and MVDR techniques. Achieve TeraOps/a processing in real-time on fail-safe FPGAs. Their adaptive multi-channel beamforming solutions empower electronic warfare, ensuring seamless communication among ships, aircraft, and control towers.
- Tailored Solutions: Customize solutions to meet customer needs.
- Accelerated Beamforming: Enhance operational efficiency with faster beamforming.
- Algorithm Optimization: Fine-tune algorithms for improved performance.
- AI Algorithm Integration: Implement AI models for advanced capabilities, guiding customers in dataset selection and model creation.
- Seamless Hardware Implementation: Transition algorithms from simulation to digital hardware with MakarenaLabs' expert consultancy.

Advanced Features:
- Customizable Real-time Deep Learning Processing Unit: Enable AI inference for enhanced decision-making.
- Interactive API Design: Utilize custom APIs and soft IP processor design for real-time interaction with design components, sensors, and actuators.

Unleash the potential of adaptive beamforming and AI-driven algorithms with MakarenaLabs. Explore more at www.mklabs.ai.
Master tomorrow’s complex challenges today with proven AI technology

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