Space 2.0: a Pioneer in Dependable Software Solutions

Embark on your journey to Space 2.0 success

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December 06, 2023
Space 2.0 is on the horizon, and it demands cutting-edge technology to fuel its transformation. At the forefront of this revolution stands a reliable software platform that’s tailor-made for Navigation, Earth Observation, and Communications.

This platform not only meets stringent safety standards but also boasts unparalleled computational prowess, facilitating real-time DSP and AI operations while ensuring seamless communication with Earth.

Welcome MakarenaLabs, your trusted partner in the space industry. With a rock-solid software platform, we empower Space 2.0 applications, offering unmatched computational capabilities while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Key Offerings:

1. Customizable Real-time Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU):
Our DLPU is a powerhouse engineered for AI inference, ensuring efficient and precise processing of complex AI models in real time. It’s the backbone for executing critical AI-driven operations essential for space applications.

2. Platform with Soft IP Processor:
Our platform integrates soft IP processors that excel in real-time and deterministic computation. These processors enable lightning-fast data processing, ensuring the timely and accurate calculations needed for navigation and space communication.

3. Highly Optimized DSPs Block:
MakarenaLabs takes signal processing seriously. That’s why we’ve woven highly optimized Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) into our platform. These DSPs enhance our signal processing capabilities, guaranteeing the reliable and efficient handling of Earth observation data, leading to precise interpretation and analysis.

4. AI Dataset Selection, Model Selection, and Optimization:
Our expertise extends to AI dataset selection, model selection, and optimization. The MakarenaLabs team collaborates closely with clients to pinpoint the right datasets, select suitable AI models, and fine-tune these models for space applications. This meticulous process ensures the utmost accuracy and efficiency in AI-driven tasks.

If you’re looking to elevate your space endeavors, look no further. MakarenaLabs offers cutting-edge solutions that will propel you into the future of space exploration.
Embark on your journey to Space 2.0 success

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