How this Medical Robot is Transforming Healthcare

The Future of Cyber Surgery

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November 06, 2023
Robots are revolutionizing healthcare, extending their role far beyond the operating room. Explore how these advanced machines are reshaping healthcare:

1. Companions for Seniors
With an aging population and healthcare worker shortages, personal robots are stepping in as companions for the elderly. These 'care-bots' provide both company and assistance, enhancing the lives of seniors.

2. Revolutionizing Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation robots are transforming the treatment of individuals with limited functionality. Whether in therapy settings or at home, these robots offer personalized support, leading to improved patient outcomes.

3. Telepresence for Specialist Access
Telepresence robots facilitate remote access to healthcare specialists. Patients can connect with experts without the need for extensive travel, making healthcare services more accessible.

4. Streamlining Hospital Operations
Robots are optimizing hospital operations by automating logistics tasks like supply transport, cleaning, and drug dispensing. This boosts efficiency and frees up human resources for critical patient care.

MakarenaLabs: Pioneers in Medical Robotics

MakarenaLabs is at the forefront of the Medical Robotics revolution, empowering companies and organizations to elevate their technology standards for healthcare systems. Their advanced solutions are specifically designed for mission-critical applications in Medical Robotics, ensuring unparalleled precision, autonomy, and safety.
 Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

- Accelerated Robotic Stack: Streamlined and optimized for seamless autonomous and collaborative operations.

- Real-time Sensor and Actuation Management: Efficiently manages sensors and actuators for real-time responsiveness.

- Real-time Logging: Advanced capabilities for comprehensive data analysis and system optimization.

- Real-time AI Inference: On-the-fly AI inference with fail-safe methodologies for high-level performance and reliability.

- Lower Power Consumption: Energy-efficient solutions contributing to sustainable and long-lasting Medical Robots.

- Integration of Medical Imaging: Seamlessly integrates Medical Imaging capabilities, enabling ultrasound-guided robots for precise interventions.

- Real-time Semantic Segmentation: Advanced image analysis, including real-time semantic segmentation of organs, tissues, and surgical instruments.
- Predictive Maintenance: Proactive motor control and predictive maintenance predict failures and ensure continuous operation.

- Mapping Capabilities: Implements mapping functionalities to reconstruct body parts and perceive medical instruments in relation to the robot.

- Real-time Vision Stack: FPGA-based implementation of Vision functionalities, including camera and sensor management, image rectification, and object localization.

- Real-time Perception Stack: Advanced image analysis, featuring semantic segmentation of organs, tissues, surgical instruments, and 3D mapping of internal body structures.

- Real-time Navigation Stack: Dynamic real-time planning on digital hardware, ensuring precise and adaptive movements.

- Real-time Actuation Stack: FPGA-based motor control, Field-Oriented Control (FOC), sensorless FOC, and multi-joint control and kinematics.

- Additional Features: Integration of real-time predictive maintenance, ultrasound medical imaging, customizable deep learning processing units, and APIs for seamless interactions.

In conclusion, robots are becoming invaluable companions, rehabilitation partners, telehealth facilitators, and operational allies in healthcare. As technology continues to advance, they will play a pivotal role in delivering quality healthcare to an aging population.

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The Future of Cyber Surgery

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