Medicine Ultrasound: Look Deeper, Know Sooner with a novel approach

Ultrasound’s Rising Role in Medical Imaging

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November 13, 2023
Recent years have witnessed growing concern in the United States and Europe regarding patient radiation exposure from X-ray devices like CT scans, mammography, and interventional radiology. To address this, there's a shift toward safer, non-ionizing imaging methods, such as MRI and ultrasound.

Ultrasound usage has surged in diagnostics, guidance, and emergency care. This trend is set to continue, driven by advancements in portable ultrasound units and enhanced software for noise reduction and image improvement.
The Significance of Ultrafast Imaging

The Significance of Ultrafast Imaging

Conventional ultrasound systems often produce blurry images due to limited frame rates from single-point emissions.
Ultrafast Imaging, employing widespread non-focused wave emissions and advanced compoundings, overcomes this limitation, greatly improving image quality. This advancement is crucial for diagnostics and enables therapeutic applications like micro-bubble treatments.

MakarenaLabs is a pioneer in groundbreaking ultrasound technology, offering expertise in Ultrasound Beamforming and AI Ultrasound Imaging. Their specialized services cater to creating high-quality images, achieving ultrafast imaging, and providing real-time image analysis, offering advanced capabilities for both diagnostics and therapies.

Key Features and Offerings

- Custom Beamforming: Tailored beamformer designs for Ultrafast Imaging, Synthetic Aperture, and ScanLine modalities on FPGAs, ensuring top-notch image capture.
- Analog Front End and Transmission Management: Seamless component integration for optimal signal transmission and reception.
- AI Integration: Platforms with integrated AI inference engines for real-time image analysis.
- Custom AI Models: Integration of customer-specific AI models for tasks like image segmentation, expanding diagnostic capabilities.
- Real-time Data Logging: Acquiring data in real-time for enhanced research and analysis.
- Visualizer and Renderer: Developing visualizers and renderers for ultrasound images on host systems, facilitating efficient data interpretation.
- Deep Learning for Adaptive Beamforming: Implementing deep learning models to enhance adaptive beamforming techniques for superior image quality.
- Customizable Real-time Deep Learning Processing Unit: Creating specialized processing units for seamless AI inference, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to evolving needs.

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Ultrasound’s Rising Role in Medical Imaging

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